Letter from St Cuthbert’s Treasurer

I would like to thank everyone who has supported our wonderful little church during the last year. This church is important to us and to many in the surrounding villages. You have been most generous in your giving and without your continuous support the church would not be able to function in its present way.

Churches are expensive buildings to maintain. Like our homes we have to pay for gas, electricity, water and insurance. We pay to maintain the building and keep the services going. We also pay a small amount to our vicar and reader for travelling and other expenses. We join with St Matthew’s to pay vicarage expenses. What we struggle to pay is our Parish Share. This is to the Newcastle Diocese and is requested of all churches. Sadly we have only been able to pay a percentage of this.

Our income is wholly from your donations, through regular giving and fund raising activities.

I have included an average month’s income and outgoings for you to consider. As you will see we are paying out more than is coming in on an average month. Special events such as fairs and gift aid rebates are vital to our solvency.

We do have some savings but we are legally restricted as to how we can spend these. For example we can use them to pay for repairs or new equipment but not for the utilities or the parish share.

What I have not included in this are the donations, many anonymous, towards the church running. For example the communion wine and wafers, washing up liquid, kitchen roll and many other essential items not often noticed. What is also impossible to calculate is the unpaid work and help given by many.

As treasurer I am grateful for the generosity of you all but also concerned for our future. I sincerely hope that we can continue as we would like but this is up to us all. Please consider St Cuthbert’s when you think of charity giving and remember to pray for our continuance.

With gratitude.

Judith Hoy