Just a little bit extra

Now that Christmas and New Year are all over and we are settling into 2018, perhaps it is time to think about our giving to our church.

I know that when I die, I would like my funeral to be at St Cuthbert’s. This will only happen if we are able to maintain our fair share of the cost of upkeep. We have been struggling recently and it would be dreadful to think of Brunswick Village without a church.

Our Treasurer, Judith Hoy has very kindly given us the statistics of how much it costs to keep St Cuthbert’s Church open for one month.

We need to focus on how we value our church, relative to the cost of everyday living. The old testament recommends giving away a tenth of our income - Lesley and Mark do this to their great credit. Many of us, including me, are more casual. To be more precise, being more than a bit bolshie, I react badly to being told what to do.

An idea came from a Church Army email asking, for a donation equivalent what I spent on an item on ‘Giving Tuesday’, the Tuesday after the frenzy of ‘Black Friday’ spending.
It seemed a good way to focus on values.

Please join us in our experiment ‘Just a Little Bit Extra’, which would work like this:

• decide on a day of the month, perhaps the birth date of a child or grandchild
• in the diary for that day each month, write “A Little Bit Extra”
• on these days decide which of your expenses to match and give to the church
• it may be a loaf of bread, a pint of milk, cup of coffee, or something more expensive or less expensive - you choose
• the money would go, either directly to Judith, or into the box at the back of the church.
With God’s help (and your money) this could make a significant difference.

Dorothy Winter